Cambridge Audio Azur 640C V2 CD-player

We have already tested Cambridge Audio Azur 640C player. In terms of sound quality, it easily comes ahead of the competitors. How will the updated 640C show itself? The design of 640C v2 instills confidence. The case differs with high rigidity, the upper and lower walls are well damped - they do not emit a loud metal rumble when tapping. Outputs are sufficient: analog, coaxial, optical. Reading mechanism is manufactured by Sony, but with advanced servo control - these elements are made in Cambridge Audio. Thanks to such measures, as well as the use of a multi-circuit power stabilization system, the jitter was reduced to a very small size. The sound path is "shortened" to the limit: there is only an output analog section built on high-quality audio components with Wolfson's super DAC WM8740 in front. Exactly the same chip was used in the first version of the player, but it was one there, and in 640C v2 there is a couple, forming a double differential cascade. What else has changed? 640C v2 is complemented by a control bus for integration into a multi-room. A more contrast LCD-display is installed (unlike VFL-displays, it does not give interference). The headphone jack would not be amiss to the device, but this "upgrade" in Cambridge Audio seems to be prepared for the future third version.

The device sounds calm, neutral, but when necessary it is able to throw out tremendous energy. It has the correct dynamics and as if knows that, for example, a quiet acoustic introduction should be played gently, delicately, and when it comes to crescendos, you need to act decisively. Even when Cambridge Audio Azur 640C v2 drops an acoustic "bomb" on your ears, it doesn't lose its intelligibility.

I will give solid four points to the quality of sound stage. Localization is very sharp, but imaginary sources slightly lack contour. The depth is excellently expressed, but the remote plans between each other are echeloned rather poorly (however, this quality is not always found in players of a much higher class).

The tonal balance is strict, linear, and very rarely harsh tones break forth the sound. Violin group, copper, woodwinds with a piercing timbre can sound aggressive.

But the voice band and bass are reproduced in the right manner - the bottom is energetic, has a clear relief. The vocals are alive. At first glance, the upper range is rather dry, but not painted. A lot of details including musical break forth the sound, but this does not lead to a noticeable loss of purity. Everything is in place, very informative and even pretending to naturalness.

Cambridge Audio Azur 640C V2 CD-player photo