Cambridge Audio Azur 350C CD-player

Cambridge Audio Azur 350C model appeared a little later than the older 550C and 650C, which we have already tested. The player is assembled in absolutely the same case, but has a number of internal differences. It is based on the proprietary CD1 transport with an advanced third-generation servo system that provides the most accurate data reading. Wolfson Microelectronics 24-bit DAC WM 8728 is responsible for converting the digital stream to analog form. Speaking about the interesting features of the device's circuitry, I should also note the precision clock generator, the use of double-sided printed circuit boards that shorten the signal path, and a toroidal transformer in the power supply. The player plays recordings exclusively in CD-Audio format from CDs, CD-R and CD-RW. In this case, all the service information is displayed on a high-contrast LCD display, which does not provide spurious interference to low-current circuits.

The sound of Cambridge Audio Azur 350C combines the highest energy, tonal purity and a sophisticated attack. The resolution in the entire range is quite high, only the most extreme tops may seem to be slightly muted, with a little loss of nuances. The middle strikes with the depth of timbres, accuracy and openness. The sound does not squash even on powerful orchestral tutti - the result for the source of such a price is amazing. As for the minor flaws, one can also indicate a somewhat weakened transmission of extremely low frequencies. But in terms of the quality of recreating the concert space, this is an undoubted leader. I have never seen such a beautifully built scene at an inexpensive source.

Cambridge Audio Azur 350C CD-player photo