Rotel RCD-1072 CD-player

RCD-1072 does not need a long introduction. This player replaced the model with the same index, but with number "70" at the end and primarily differs in appearance: the display moved to the center under the tray for CD loading and control layout has changed. The well-proven 24-bit delta-sigma DAC Burr-Brown PCM1732 is responsible, like in its predecessor, for conversion of digit into analog. This DAC is perfectly adapted to work with 16-bit PCM data stream and equipped with HDCD decoder and advanced algorithm of digital filtration, whereby the process of conversion stays within strictest limits of linearity. The gain of analog signal before feeding on linear output is performed by the shortest chain, which is assembled on audio components of extra quality. The power supply quality includes a toroidal transformer with separate stabilization circuits, and buffer capacitors with low series impedance (more reliable and provide better smoothing) were used everywhere. I can't help but notice the design. In photo the device looks like a simple component. But in live - it is very respectful and exemplarily made machine.

With dignity - this is how I would describe in one word the way how RCD-1072 sounds. First of all, the sound scene attracts attention. It is not tied to speaker systems, designed in the form of clear volumetric picture, going beyond the listening room. Localization is moderately spicy, the separation is extremely clear. The atmosphere is not feigned, but creates a necessary illusion of presence. It was pleasantly surprising that the device does not impose its "vision" of space. When you go to the track, which was recorded in other conditions, you immediately feel the difference - the scene here is wider and higher, in other recording you notice the deliberate "massiveness", in third one you wonder to skillfully written plans.

Harmonic intelligibility is also on top in Rotel. This quality is felt almost all over the whole range. Timbres play truly, without simplification and synthetic "impurities". Non-musical sound details do not push out, not raid into the overall canvas, but lead their own discreet lives. But musical nuances spread before the eyes. And most importantly - everything is to a place. Voices are transferred briskly, with a slight emotional boost, but without hysteria.

There are small claims to lower case. The device differs slightly boom, but at the same time not very dynamic bass. It seems that here are the kick, and bass structure but everything is as if monumental, mobility is not enough. There are no claims to the upper case. Microdynamical picture is well elaborated (really well, despite of the price). The coloring is absent. The dynamics has moderately-sparing character. Discants sound elegant, recognizable, without nonsense.

Rotel RCD-1072 CD-player photo