NAD C515 CD-player

NAD offers several CD-players for different cost, and C515 is one of the most affordable among them. Nevertheless, it has a full range of functionality, including currently important playback of mp3 and WMA files. Despite the modest price tag, the device is equipped with a modern DAC (delta/sigma with parameters of 24/192), large and perfectly readable VFD-display, as well as a full set of digital and analog connectors. In addition, the output stages use low-noise operational amplifiers and passive electronic components with a minimum spread of operating parameters.

In addition to the basic service functions, NAD C515 provides brightness adjustment of the screen until it is turned off - this minimizes noise when listening to music. The player is equipped with a fairly convenient and functional remote control with a significantly redesigned (in comparison with older versions) ergonomics.

According to the already customary tradition NAD technique attracts by sound in the best high-file traditions - energetic, with high macro-dynamics and correct transmission of the main musical lines. Basses leave the strongest impression. In this part of the spectrum the sound abounds with both drive and enviable structural diversity. You can describe in the same words the manner of transferring the middle, but the upper spectrum against this background is somewhat inferior by both resolution and naturalness.

NAD C515 CD-player photo