NAD 510 CD-player

CD player NAD 510 in all parameters emphasizes that music is in the first place. Visibility and ease of control, traditionally typical for the company's devices, is logically combined together not only in the appearance but also in the schematics. For example, we can refer to the latter a single-beam laser's tracking system, a five-band active analog filter at the output and principled lack of the programming mode. The included connection cable, the length of which is less than 50 cm, is rather a plus. Just remember the beard of wires between the blocks, which you saw from the back in any complex and agree that such a small cable is exactly what you need. The repeat mode is turned on by sorting: repeat of one track is after the first press, the repeat of the whole disc is after the second one. At normal operation the display shows "OPEN" when loading tray is open and "no dISC" if there is no disc in the player. If you use the forbidden sequence of pressing buttons, the player will refuse to execute it and the display will show "ERROR". The music calendar shows not only the presence of up to 20 tracks on the disc, but also their excess by symbol of "+20". If you switch on "pause" mode, green playback symbol begins to spark on LCD. The quality of work of output analog filter on music signal confirms the excellent reputation of NAD.

NAD 510 CD-player photo