Tangent EXEO CDP CD-player

Tangent EXEO CDP player was conceived as a source for EXEO AMP integrated amplifier, together with which it will look more harmoniously. The player's design is almost symmetrical. The tray for CDs is strictly in the center and at the equal distance from it there are original controls in the form of massive handles.

In addition to traditional CD, the device is able to play discs with mp3 files.

The scheme of digital conversion in Tangent EXEO CDP is based on Wolfson WM8761 chip. Due to intelligent implementation of analog part the developers have managed to get extra high ratio of signal/noise (passport value is 111 dB). In addition to analog RCA, two digital interfaces to connect internal DAC are placed on the back wall. The remote control allows you to control both player and EXEO AMP.

Relatively early rolloff in LF range gives the sound a bit lightweight character. Sound resolution at the same time is more than enough - all the nuances of phonogram are heard, but some details are missed, creating the atmosphere of recording. You should also note few small flaws such as slightly weakened power of the middle and not very sharp, a bit veiled top.

But the sound stage turned out to be surprisingly three-dimensional, with expressive perspective and very decent localization of images in space. The result is great for such inexpensive player.

Tangent EXEO CDP CD-player photo