Canton Fonum 330 Bookshelf speakers

The bass reflex port in the Fonum 330 speaker system is traditionally located on the front panel for the company's products. The diameter of the woofer is 180 mm, the diameter of the dome tweeter is 25 mm. Rated electric power - 60 W, musical power can reach 100 W. According to the description, the sensitivity is 87 dB. Dimensions: 205x375x272 mm. The design is traditional, calm, having fans among a respectable public. The frequency response as a sound portrait draws the profile of an effective, one might say, thoroughbred system. A slender, noble posture of high frequencies with the slightest increase in sensitivity from 1 to 16 kHz by about 2.5 dB in the absence of large-scale fluctuations provides an exceptionally proportionate strict interpretation of complex orchestral and solo instrumental works, opera and pop vocals. The system is very careful with acoustic instruments, which are most sensitive to roughness in the middle and upper parts of the range. The Canton Fonum 330 easily retains the high authenticity of violin, flute and piano in complex orchestral arrangements (Hungarian Rhapsody, Liszt's Dreams of Love); Dire Straits (Calling Elvis) were also not bad, but their bass was a little creepy. The marked increase in sensitivity towards the highs provides a kind of compensation for the excess absorption, which is often observed in typical rooms and listening rooms. This is not to say that the bottom end of the Fonum 330 is an outstanding achievement for shelf systems. However, all the requirements, the fulfillment of which guarantees participation in a high sound society, "are satisfied here. Not as appropriate as in the case of the tops, a gradual increase in sensitivity, this time with a decrease in frequency from 1 kHz to 150 kHz. At the same time, bass clots create the illusion that that the sound source is solid-sized speakers, but you can't fool an experienced listener.The system has a high field uniformity.The measured impedance characteristics are in good agreement with the data in the technical description of the system: the average resistance value is 9 ohms, the nominal value is 4 ohms. The bass reflex tuning frequency is 55 Hz, the crossover frequency is 3 kHz.

Canton Fonum 330 Bookshelf speakers photo