Cassette deck Yamaha KX 690

Traditional left cassette location, a great indicator of thick yellow-orange color and cover conceals almost all non-operational controls - all this with poluvzglyada easily recognized handwriting firm. In Yamaha KX 690 has not only automatic parameter setting records in accordance with the characteristics of the tape, but that is absolutely not apparent from the analysis of all previous devices, manual adjustment of bias current. So with this device you can trust or automation, or tune in to the best, in your opinion, the sound manually. For proper operation of the meter, the elapsed or remaining tape to the end of the actual play time in minutes and seconds after loading the cassette must be entered in the memory of the processor one of the seven standard values from the C-46 to C-90. To facilitate the search for the desired track recorder is equipped with a search for previous or subsequent interfragmentary pause lasting at least 4 seconds. By the same pause works and scanning system. In recorder Yamaha KX 690 it is possible to remote control, but a special remote control must be purchased separately. When playing old records in which the treble level may be insufficient, you can improve the sound quality due to their extra lift with a conventional controller for Yamaha recorders PLAY TRIM. At our disposal a pair of branded MS (albums on cassette) is sufficiently ancient years of release reproduced in this mode is pretty impressive.

Yamaha KX 690 Cassette deck photo