Sony TA-FE910R Amplifier

The TA-FE910R does not pretend to be avant-garde in appearance and has a quiet, modern design with the characteristic arrangement of the two large knobs of the motorized volume controls and the input selector and small knobs of the other controls. The design also incorporates elements of this series, such as a special FB (frame-and-beam) chassis made of metal with additional stiffening elements. According to the company, this eliminates all vibrations that could affect the sound-forming elements. The off-center mounts on which the chassis is mounted further reduce these vibrations. The amplifier circuit itself is made completely symmetrically - the so-called "double mono" - which is when two channels are made exactly alike with separate heat sinks. This design ensures

better decoupling of the channels and the identity of their parameters. The power supply uses a Torus toroidal transformer with an oval core, which has excellent current characteristics and negligible stray fields. This transformer gives the amplifier high dynamic performance and supports all bursts of musical chords. Last but not least, the output stage of the power amplifier uses powerful MOS FETs with extremely stable characteristics over a wide frequency range. The sound becomes "tube" coloring with soft powerful bass and the clearest sound in the whole frequency range. Even the screws used in the assembly have copper plating, and in the necessary places in the circuitry used massive copper buses, terminals from the board to the output jacks, despite the short distance, made multi-strand audio cable, and the accuracy of installation pleasing to the eye. Functionality is one of the best in the test. The loudspeaker switch, which most amplifiers usually have two positions (A B), has two more in the TA-FE910R - a summation of two loudspeakers A+B and OFF. Of course, you can do it manually, but agree that it's much more convenient when it's already preset and performed with just one turn of a knob. MONITOR mode is provided for two recorders. One of the few, the amplifier is equipped with the SUBSONIC button, which, when pressed, reduces interference and vibration from the record player connected to the PHONO input. Of course, there are all the traditional controls, including tone compensation and DIRECT mode. The amplifier also has the EON function that automatically switches the amplifier to the tuner mode when it receives RDS signals. The remote control controls the whole complex of Sony equipment, in fact, it controls the volume and switches the inputs in the amplifier. Naturally, the use of such sophisticated technology and the relentless pursuit of its use not only in expensive models, but also in more affordable ones, is aimed at obtaining the main thing - the fidelity of sound transmission. And we have to admit that the TA-FE910R is one of the brightest sounding amplifiers in our team. Very clean, true, with a slight accent on the mid-range, which, by the way, is a trademark of Sony units, with soft rounded bass and flawlessly traced midrange. A feature of the Sony TA-FE910R is building the sound image in depth. This airiness and spaciousness is evident on most musical genres, sometimes even where this panorama is out of place.

Sony TA-FE910R Amplifier photo