Kenwood DP-R4090 CD-changer

The Kenwood DP-R4090 plays lively and realistically. Chamber acoustic recordings sound especially good on it - the space on such material is transmitted superbly. The localization of imaginary sound sources is undeniable, and the reverb tails are so smooth that it is tempting to listen to them alone. Macrodynamics is somewhat smoothed out, but this is compensated by an abundance of details and slightly exaggerated microdynamics. Weak signals are transmitted as correctly as possible, the noise of the last bits of the DAC smoothly turns into the own noise of the analog path, which, however, is subjectively slightly higher than that of other players. In addition to the audio cable, the Kenwood DP-R4090 kit includes a cable for connecting Kenwood components to the system with the ability to centralize control, record synchronization and other amenities, and there is a choice of protocol: SL 16 or XS 8. When changing disks, the loading mechanism opens so that only two disk, so to change the entire set, you have to press the skip button at least twice. You can also change discs during playback, just press the open button without stopping - all four discs, except for the currently playing one, will be available for replacement. The mode of automatic editing of a program to a given length (edit) is possible both for all disks and for one of them. You can program up to 32 tracks - both in automatic and manual modes. The program can be viewed and delete unnecessary numbers. There is no review, no peak search, and no option to include the entire disc in the program. The Kenwood DP-R4090 headphone output volume is not separately adjustable, but the line output signal level can be changed from the remote control. The Kenwood DP-R4090 can work with a timer - if you leave a disc in the player and plug it into the network, playback will start automatically.

Kenwood DP-R4090 CD-changer photo