Cassette deck Marantz SD 63

Despite the fact that Marantz SD 63 one of the models that determine the price lower boundary of this group, it is involved in the test legally: Twin broaching, through tract, Dolby Noise Reduction B and C, the system HX -Pro her present, as well as rather extensive set of auxiliary functions. Among the latter may be noted automatic selection after inserting a tape loop, a quick return to the starting point after the end of the recording, auto pause of 4 seconds, sinhropusk Marantz CD-player and much more. The counter operates in real time and shows one mode, only the current time since the beginning of the tape. Enabling MPX filter is the same rotary knob, which switches and noise reduction, so that you can include. Example, Dolby Dolby C or C + MPX. Since the indicator is present only Squelch indication, then the inclusion of the last mode you should always remember. If it is disabled, it is likely in this case to spoil another record. Recording Level Indicator has a total of 12 segments, but by level of scale, covering a range from -20 dB to +8 dB, broken very convenient to use. In tape recordings use the manual system of smooth adjustment bias current, and return to the place that started the trial record can be carried anywhere and to tape recorded position, so that the value of the counter is reset. Remote control is the traditional way for Marantz equipment: on the proprietary system bus D-Bus.

Marantz SD 63 Cassette deck photo