Luxman K373 Cassette deck

The K373 drive is built according to the two-motor scheme, in which the weighted flywheel of the tong wheel provides sufficiently low detonation (according to the measurement results, less than 0.08%). To protect the cassette from external influences, a stabilizer is installed in the cassette holder to ensure a tight clamping of the cassette to the base of the broach. High-frequency recording is improved by the HC-Pro, and noise can be reduced by turning on the noise reduction Dolby B or C. The electronic counter shows in real minutes and seconds not only the current, but also the remaining time. Complete freedom in choosing the sequence of commands provides a logical control broach, because the wrong processor will simply ignore. Lack of automatic setting of recording parameters is compensated by the possibility of smooth regulation of the magnetizing current, which allows you to achieve the best results by ear within seconds with three heads in the tract. If you then use the "go back" button, the tape automatically rewinds before you start recording and advances, creating a guaranteed five-second pause, much needed for the search system to work afterwards. A built-in demagnetizer can be used to eliminate residual head magnetization that accumulates after some time of use, causing increased playback noise. The demagnetizer will get rid of unnecessary noise in 5 seconds. The recording and playback quality of the K373 is very good.

Luxman K373 Cassette deck photo