Cassette deck Marantz SD 535

Although the SD 535 only one keyboard, designed to control two broaches, but difficulties arise when this company bypassed easily. When inserting a cassette deck working definition is carried out automatically: priority is given to the recording deck. In addition, the display direction and pause mode for each deck separate. Reset the counter (one, as well as the keyboard) is carried out not only with a button "Reset", but each time you close the cover. When memorizing any counter value rewind will be possible only to this position, and in the recording mode, this function is activated automatically and provides rewind to the position it started. Boombox has a search engine and tracks is QMS, which allows you to search forwards and backwards to one of the 15 names. SD 535, the only test has already forgotten this for block devices opportunity as microphone input signal and mixing it. All functions of the recorder can be controlled via the system bus D-BUS, such as remote control of the amplifier or receiver. Of the design features should be noted that the power transformer has an additional magnetic shield, which is absent in many Japanese models. This gives the consumer an additional guarantee that the effect of the stray field of the transformer on the magnetic head is minimal. The measured value of the coefficient of detonation is slightly different broaches and depends on the direction of motion: it is the smallest for deck A (reproducing only) when operating in the forward direction, the biggest - for deck B in the reverse mode. But the absolute value of the coefficient of the test is very good.

Marantz SD 535 Cassette deck photo