CD-player Philips CD751

Of course, the player Philips Used conversion "bit stream". Novelty compared to other looks great set of messages. Immediately after the "READ" message on the display informs you about the beginning of the active player. In the absence of this disk will be so stated - "NO DISC", and if any will, as usual, the number of tracks and their total duration. If by mistake the player was not a sound CD, then you will be informed about that, but the running line "NO AUDIO DISC", as it is a message at the same time does not fit on the display. When you try to start playback from the defunct track on the disc player refuses to do so, but warns: "WRONG TRACK". In the case of the wrong sequence of commands will ask the player to fulfill your desire to press the button "STOP" or "PLAY". Another small touch: the disc at boot does not slide in the tray are four small support made of a rubber material, contact with which leaves no traces on the disk. Handle the headphone volume does not affect the linear and digital outputs, adjust the voltage at which the remote control can clearly unconventional shape. In this adjustment, the analog output is performed first in 20 steps of 0.5 dB , and at the end of almost 5 dB fixed 2.1 V to 100 mV. The final step linear output is switched off completely. Sequence tracks in the program can reach 30, although the musical lineup includes calendar, only 15 positions and "+" when the number of tracks on the disc than this value.

Philips CD751 CD-player photo