CD-player JVC XL-V230

Of all the devices presented in the test, stated in the passport THD lowest in cd-player JVC XL-V230 - 0.0025%. But judging by subjective tests, this feature is not enough to assess the quality. If chamber fragments XL-V230 sounds comfortable, then with increasing volume or hard material (eg brass ) creates discomfort, increased fatigue during long listening sessions. With JVC soft material behaves quite correctly emphasizing expressive vocals. Tonal balance has an advantage in the lower middle, but it is with some other devices, not the property of the AFC, and the result is a subjective test.

The player JVC XL-V230 digital filter applied to eight times oversampling. Converter - one-bit R.E.M. D.D. has high specifications. Absolutely all functions are available with remote control and front panel, including the translation into standby mode (stand by) and unload the disc, except that an index scan is only possible with the control. The layout of the buttons on the remote control is quite intuitive - one glance, you can continue to the touch. To fast-forward and jump to the next/previous fragments used different pairs of buttons, which, of course, more convenient than in the case of overlapping. Select a track number greater than ten made for JVC traditional way: for example, to play the 60 - th number is necessary 5 (why not six)? Press 10 times, then just 10.

To cancel the last entry in the program room has a button cancel (not all of it is). You can program up to 32 tracks, which, of course, still far from the 99 (the maximum possible number of tracks on the CD), but in most cases this is enough.

Player XL-V230 is of interest for fans to listen to CDs, but do not write them with tape backup. This player is for those who do not need autoedit under set time Avtospejs and fader. Those who want to copy "on figure" also expects disappointment - has an analog output only. Level it is not regulated, headphones are not.

JVC XL-V230 CD-player photo