TAD reviews

TAD D600 CD-player review
CD-player TAD D600

TAD company for almost his entire 40-year history has never produced electronic components, specializing exclusively on the speakers. In it, she certainly succeeded - it monitors and still work in the most prestigious studios and concert halls of the world. And, going into a new segment, TAD engineers...
TAD DA1000 DAC review

Advantage USB-converters to CD-players in that way from the studio original audio to the listener, a much shorter than in the records from the CD. But this is not the only advantage of this type of technology. DAC - it is, in fact, a computer, and here for imagination development is much broader than...
TAD R1 Speaker pair review
Speaker pair TAD R1

Severe economic situation in Japan has forced many electronics manufacturers to reduce the volume of the release, or even close entire units. It is in this difficult time, the company Technical Audio Devices after nearly 20-year hiatus, re-emerging on the market. And not only with the acoustics, as before,...