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Penaudio Cenya Bookshelf speakers review
Bookshelf speakers Penaudio Cenya

All exterior planes of Cenya speaker system, except side ones, have beautiful microrelief with vertical striations. The matter is that the body is made by very unusual technology. The sheets of qualitative birch plywood first are picked up into package and glued together under pressure. Then one-piece...
Penaudio Rebel 3 Bookshelf speakers review
Bookshelf speakers Penaudio Rebel 3

The founder and chief developer of Penaudio Sami Penttila thinks that the key to quality of speaker system is not only the set of high-quality components but also a competent engineering calculation. All of these are above and beyond in the new series of popular micro-monitors - Rebel 3. Seas heads (20-mm...
Penaudio Sara Floor standing speakers review
Floor standing speakers Penaudio Sara

Sara speaker systems look pretty laconically and actually they do not have something special. The most important thing, as always, is hidden in details, and also in the most literal sense. The developers has chosen 5.5-inch Seas heads for lower and middle bands, the diffusors of which are made of impregnated...