NHT reviews

NHT 1.5 Bookshelf speakers review
Bookshelf speakers NHT 1.5

A proprietary Focused Image Geometry concept, being known by its original solutions of the American NHT, is implemented in this two-way speaker system. Room reflections destroy the structure the spatial information, laid in a recording. It is impossible to totally avoid reflections. But to reduce to...
NHT SuperOne Bookshelf speakers review
Bookshelf speakers NHT SuperOne

The American company NHT (Now Hear This), explaining the originality of its approach to designing of loudspeakers, underlines the dominating role of psychoacoustic researches in the process of developing of speaker systems. In other words, the company in its developments aims to maximally take the factors...
NHT VS-2 Centre Speaker review
Centre Speaker NHT VS-2

The VS-2 has a horizontal woofer-tweeter-woofer design. The back of its gloss-black cabinet sports dual fiveway binding-post connectors and a clever post that adjusts to tilt the cabinet so that it aims directly toward the listening area. It is a good-looking speaker, and I particularly like the way...