Icon Audio reviews

Icon Audio CDX1 Signature CD-player review
CD-player Icon Audio CDX1 Signature

Bucking the trend perhaps, the increasingly prolific Icon Audio have just launched this new CD player which sports 24bit/192kHz upsampling technology and a tube analogue output stage sporting two 6SN7 output valves, with discrete valve and digital modules and a choke regulated power supply. The CD-X1,...
Icon Audio LA4 MkII Preamplifier review
Preamplifier Icon Audio LA4 MkII

Leicester based Icon Audio have established a reputation for making affordable valve amplifiers for the past decade. The first LA4 introduced some five years ago was a solidly made all triode circuit design that includes valve rectification, using a Western Electric designed 274B, and the 6SN7 double...
Icon Audio MB90 Amplifier review
Amplifier Icon Audio MB90

The funny thing is, I really don't think companies such as Icon Audio could have existed even just a decade ago. Back in the late nineties, tube-based amplification was regarded as an extreme niche in hi-fi - something akin to how most petrolheads think about kit cars. So perhaps it's a sign of the times...