Carver reviews

Carver A-400x Amplifier review
Amplifier Carver A-400x

The Carver A-400x stereo power amplifier carries the THX logo, signifying that it meets Lucas-film's stringent requirements for use in Home THX audio systems. The A-400x is otherwise conventionally styled and relatively compact and light for an amplifier rated to deliver, at less than 0.2 percent total...
Carver SD/A-390t CD-changer review
CD-changer Carver SD/A-390t

The Carver SD/A-390t five-disc carousel-type CD changer offers an exceptionally large complement of operating features, including such unusual items as vacuum-tube output stages and a Soft EQ circuit that is said to make some discs sound much like top-quality vinyl LP records played with an audiophile-grade...