Luxman T-235 Tuner

Proportionality tuner hides its height and likable appropriateness and consistency of design. First of all, striking a rational arrangement of buttons and keys, which is not surprising, since there is no standard dozen preset keys. Basic chegyre large keys below the display is controlled by adjusting the frequency of naturally discrete steps and "setting (search) on presets": for the beauty and rationality have to pay a lack of speed directly select a preset. Total of 30 smaller than other tuners. Small round button on the bottom row are used to set the clock and timers: their T-235 for two.

Experience identity is strengthened further when the tuner is light golden glow of the numbers and letters of the display. It 14 major signs that indicate the time range, the tuning frequency and preset number, as well as many small office printing, half of which belongs to the timers. As for the actual reception, it is indicated by a little: mono or stereo mode and fine-tuning to the station - tuned.

Three ranges: long, medium wave and "upper" range VHF (FM). It is no system tuner and RDS, and play on the display station names he can not. They are very well developed system for automatic on-off tuner via timers, is, for example, the ability to automatically turn off after a specified period of time (function sleep), useful if you like to fall asleep to music. Under it and you can wake up (alarm clock). When you turn off the tuner remains on the display indication of time, but with less intensity. Moreover, working as part of the radio tuner through their timers can control other devices: players, decks, including recording or playback mode, etc.

Receiving path tuner Luxman T-235, without exaggeration, the best. Before the measurement of parameters surprised and pleased loop antenna for reception ranges AM. Its diameter (210 mm) coupled with high sensitivity (10 mV), the tuner provides a good reception even remote stations. After the measurements even more pleased not say high, but at least some selectivity AM-tract, and you can with a decent quality and without a lot of interference to stations of medium and long waves. But it's flowers, berries began when testing VHF tract.

FM sensitivity is close to the limit, single-signal selectivity is extremely high, and passes for 80 dB of adjacent and 90 dB on all side reception channels, including the mirror. Slightly worse mnogosignalnaya selectivity measured under the influence of not one but several interfering signals at different frequencies, but still remain the best options tract. There are auto programming stations, and the sound turns for a short time after the memory frequency next station, which is convenient and useful. Presets can be automatically scanned.

Sound on FM was great, and the need for devices that improve the reception (attenuator switching lanes), at such high parameters are largely eliminated. By the way, step manual configuration in the FM-band is at 50 kHz, as with other tuners, and only 25 efficiency, which allows you to listen to the radio very accurately. To receive in this range is not equipped with a tuner wire and a normal dipole antenna with balun adapter for coaxial antenna connector.

Price: $190
Luxman T-235 Tuner photo