Kenwood KT-3080 Tuner

Huge black box of this tuner gives the impression of grandeur and solidity, almost no diminishing of our knowledge of what is inside it is almost empty, and stated in the technical data weight 3.3 kg - the weight of iron, of which it is made. Cases with increased depth - a sign of corporate equipment Kenwood: such body have and amplifiers, and the players, and cassette. Perhaps in this way the company entices buyers a choice of only the line, and maybe solve technological problems of unification.

At this size, we can expect and the corresponding "stuffing". And so it proved: The tuner has two FM antenna inputs, switchable button with an appropriate indication on the display, and a large round knob, which can also be used to iterate over 15 programs of the RDS. Handle does not lock and turns smoothly and gently, but it seemed somewhat tight (the unit was new, can be designed and can be, we can proceed on our way: handle parse and loosen the bearing). In addition to the line-out from the tuner has a pair of slots for special tires, cables which are connected to the corporate units of the complex on a pass (and that's why you need two slots). Only two bands, VHF FM and medium wave, and accordingly included is a medium wave antenna Framework and wire VHF.

Externally, the tuner features as well as all modern equipment company: the emphasis takes on a display, indoor convex glass, on which there are also buttons to switch from manual to automatic search tuning and "10" for a set of large numbers of presets. Place first in fact about the rotary knob and the second - in the preset keys, which are located in a row below the display. The display consists of eight large numbers or letters for the frequency, station name and preset number, they are surrounded by a number of small labels that indicate the operating conditions, some of them red, which is nice variety to the display. But large signs painted small blue dots.

Tuner Kenwood KT-3080 contains quite a lot of devices to improve reception. These include the already mentioned two switchable antenna input attenuator and high frequency switch bandwidth. Manipulating them, the listener can get the best reception in the given conditions. However, if you are in a hurry or not confident in their abilities, click Active Reception, and the tuner will do all this before himself and find the optimal combination. Although the tuner is highly developed system of RDS and there is even a promising mode EON.

The tuner Kenwood KT-3080 has a remarkable and very useful device - signal strength meter or S-meter. Is discrete, contains five bands that light of increasing length, light up with increasing signal level. Count is obtained, of course, rough, and indeed the S-meter small and located in the lower left corner of the display, but better to have it than nothing at all.

There is a button to switch from mono to stereo reception, and for mono reception the sound turns after each change of frequency, while STEREO - only when a signal station. If you do not know the frequency of the station, the station search turns into quite a tedious task that is made easier by the fact that the signals of stations can be monitored on the S-meter. Almost better to use the search engine or automatic tuning presets, once spent time programming memory. European registration tuner provides automatic programming only for RDS-stations. But on the stereo FM really liked the high quality and purity.

Price: $165
Kenwood KT-3080 Tuner photo