Sherwood TX5505id Tuner

True to the motto - to please the consumer quality equipment without breaking his wallet, the firm Sherwood, some time ago, has released a FM-tuner TX-5505. He quickly bought up, but no less quickly outdated, what to do, the cost of the century of information technology. As a result, there was a modification of the popular device, which can without exaggeration be considered a fundamentally new model. Its name differs only index iD, but "how much of this sound ...". The letter "i" means that tuner is able to "catch" an Internet radio station, and "D" symbolizes compatibility with digital signal DAB/DAB+. Externally, the device has not changed much. And why? Business design never goes out of fashion. The housing has dimensions and proportions of typical BD-player. Narrow groove divides the front panel on the control area, with four buttons and a display area, with a fluorescent two-line display and a quartet of LEDs. On the right is a multifunctional rotary switch. It is located in both areas, which in terms of ergonomics is quite logical.

Familiarity with the work of the unit began a pleasant surprise - the tuner is loaded with a total of 15. The setup procedure is also rather pleased, however, had to rely more than on the instructions (there are quite a few "nebulae"), and common sense and time-tested method of trial and error. It was found, for example, that a rotary switch functionality is somewhat limited. "Catch" FM-station better with the remote control. This is done automatically when scanned the entire operating range 87.5-108 MHz (VHF not), up to 40 stations stored in memory "ascending" or in manual mode using the buttons "+/-" on the remote control, as well as through rotary switch (direct frequency entry is not provided). Stations can give names to eight letters or numbers. In the FM-band RDS-read information. Internet station, you can search by genre or title, and then make lists of favorites. While listening to a variety of information displayed - from the power of the signal to the audio format and bitrate. In this case, if the station is broadcasting in several versions, you can choose the one that corresponds to the speed of your Internet connection (otherwise the signal will start to disappear), but previously, you need to go to the network via WLAN (for a wired connection is not designed tuner), and for the average user may create tangible difficulties, even if you use the special mode Network Wizard. As a backup, it is possible to manually enter the information required. You can tune in and periodic update.

In general, our experts tuner pleased. On the quality of FM-reception is considerably higher than the average AV-receiver. Let TX-5505id does not allow a physical connection to the World Wide Web, but in all honesty, will you pull your audio system also twisted pair? There and without wires missing, is not it? It may be useful would have been out on the headphones to listen to the radio is not including power, but it is a detail of which is not worth mentioning. Much more important is the versatility of the device, its ability to make high-quality radio almost any species.

Sherwood TX5505id Tuner photo