DVD-player Marantz DV-12S2

This player is the company Marantz unit as "premium" class. And it looks good value for money. But even if we put aside all the enthusiasm for design front panel and elegant gilt buttons on the remote control, you still can not help but admire how every detail is made DV-12S2: microscopic gaps under plated cogs planted transparent gaskets, chassis from all sides covered with copper.

On equipment and multi-format Marantz clearly not a champion. He does not have a phone and the decoder output Dolby Pro Logic (this, incidentally, is not in most of the other players), no HDMI and IEEE 1394, simplified system setup 5.1 surround (in particular, is not regulated by the filter frequency for the subwoofer). Provides digital video output DVI-D, but the signal it can only be obtained in the resolution of 720 x 480 (480p) - Scaler, to lift him up to the standards HD 720p or 1080i, is also provided.

Why is this player turned substantially more expensive the previous one? I found the answer under the top cover, which hides a solid power supply system with tightly shielded transformer, high-quality electrolytes and expensive chips responsible for the processing and conversion of video, proprietary HDAM modules for all analog audio outputs (they replace traditional operational amplifiers and manufactured in the form of micro assembly for highly discrete elements.) Striving for excellence is evident in everything: in the topology of each PCB in the overall design and just in the details - as collected and routed cables, connectors as fixed as provided vibroprotection disk mechanism.

I did not even alerted that on such a classy machine as DV-12S2, there was no icon certification THX Ultra, which, according to promotional materials shall be here. Maybe I just got a sample of the first parties when the manufacturer did not yet have the right to put the stamp on the prestigious DV-12S2?

"Video Essentials" revealed a clear elaboration of all details (including color channels) and noise so miserable that at first seemed as if the video was deep processing squelch. Only when turned on "Water World" and saw with my own eyes that the texture of rusty iron transferred with amazing detail (when noise reduction is usually masked by small parts), it became clear that the video path itself is extremely clean. And so many subtle and intelligent settings it provided - any medium can be brought to the normal condition! Of course, the best clarity is obtained by using a digital DVI-D, but when connected to the component interface problems have arisen. I changed the video program and switched transcoder experimented with disks NTSC and PAL, 4:3 to 16:9, with interlace and progressive - in all cases the DV-12S2 showed no artifact.

Corresponds to the class and quality of sound. Musical balance is maintained perfectly. Voices are clear, natural atmosphere. Dynamics is not excessive, but sluggish or lazy, this player will not name. Reproduction, however, is a more lively and better articulated when listening DVD-Audio, but when you play other formats DV-12S2 not brings boredom. For a sense of purity and tremendous depth soundstage I would evaluation "good" would add a big plus. But also some disadvantages also exist: light veil HF worsens detail.

Marantz DV-12S2 DVD-player photo