Arcam CD73 CD-player

CD73 player is a further development of CD62 and CD72 and is based on the time proved and extremely reliable Sony mechanism. But instead of Burr-Brown converters, the developers decided to apply the new WM8740 multi-bit DAC manufactured by Wolfson Microelectronics. The digital filter integrated in this chip performs both oversampling and conversion of 16-bit audio data to 24-bit format. Final conversion is performed by a delta/sigma modulator with less distortion and better signal to noise ratio.

A feature of CD73 is the clock system. The master-clock, made according to the original scheme, guarantees, as stated in the description, an "extremely low" jitter value. Analog output stages are at the decent level, being assembled on elements of audiophile quality. Great attention is paid to power supply. The system, which provides energy to different parts of the player, is divided into six independent sources.

Arcam CD73 has been released for several years and became the player of the year in England. Perhaps it would have enjoyed the same high popularity now if the company decided to introduce support for compressed formats. But Arcam considered that the occurrence of mp3 and WMA could have the opposite effect - to scare away customers demanding of sound quality. The technique of this brand has been traditionally strong in transmitting musical contrasts, with equal clarity reproducing both subtle sounds and powerful crescendos. CD73 also demonstrates excellent dynamic and microdynamic qualities, but with the proviso - not in the bass band. In a rhythmic low-frequency basis, the drums are very clearly emphasized, but the instruments responsible for the bass structure seem to play a second role.

An important feature of CD73 is its stunningly bright mid-range transmission. Vocals are pure emotions. Detailing is accurate, very natural and always in place. The upper range is clean and clear, but noise loops are slightly accented. If Arcam CD73 was among the top-level devices, the latter feature would give rise to criticism, but here it may turn out to be useful.

Arcam CD73 CD-player photo