Hegel CDP2A mk2 CD-player

Previously we described CDP4A Mk2 player. Today we are listening to a more accessible model - CDP2A mk2.

These players obviously have a common base - CDP2A mk2 has exactly the same body with three supports and an identical front panel with round controls that combine several functions at once. Judging by the same weight, they have no fundamental differences in the power systems. And the drive fixed in the center, above the display, in CDP2A mk2 is the same - this is one of the well-known Philips CD mechanisms, but with a proprietary control system. The tested player has an internal SuperClock relocking system to reduce jitter. And although it is not as effective as in CDP4A mk2, it is very cool in comparison with the competitors in the same price category.

Hegel CDP2A mk2 has another useful feature - the digital path with upsampling up to 24 bits/192 kHz, and the signal after the conversion is completely symmetrical in output. Accordingly, the analog path is also balanced, and outputs are provided for both XLR and RCA.

While the listening, the player did not open up after pressing the Play button immediately. At first, the sound seemed to be somewhat formal, rather stingy in the vibrant colors and musicality. But the first impression is not always the right one - this player should be listened to for an hour or two. Firstly, it is impossible to find fault with the middle register - it is absolutely neutral, microdynamics worked perfectly. Secondly, Hegel CDP2A mk2 does not go to the other extreme - mechanic character. Thirdly, it is its scene that is built best of all - a clear spatial separation is observed both in the background and on the flanks of the stereo panorama. It is unobtrusive, does not tire, does not deflect the listener's attention from music to the technical aspects of reproduction and makes you want to listen again and again. In this regard, the Norwegian player is simply out of competition.

Hegel CDP2A mk2 CD-player photo