DVD-player Marantz DV4610

Marantz's products have always been the personification of the strict elegance. Who could forget, for example, a designer gem like casing of brushed aluminum color "champagne"? However, Marantz products stands out not only "clothes" - it has long deserved reputation audio top class having the proper price. In connection with this opportunity to get acquainted with the new, besides surprisingly inexpensive (by the standards of Marantz, of course) DVD-player intrigued by our experts highly. We immediately noticed the innovative design of the front panel and display with indication of the characteristic indigo. Being the most affordable in the test, it does not have significant structural compromise. Fears aroused unless video DACs are the latest generation (10 bit/54 MHz) and the lack of interface HDMI. However, all analog video outputs - in there, so that connection to any CRT TV will be painless.

Despite the modest video DAC for DVD player does not lose face. Perhaps for a projector that runs on multimeter screen or flat panel unit will acquire more expensive, but for 29 - or even 32-inch TV is nothing better not. Another feature of this unit, which distinguishes it from the cheap players - successful implementation downmix and great sound in stereo. That is, if you are not going to arrange a complete home theater receiver on the base, but simply want to connect the player to a bi-amplifier and high-quality speakers, Marantz would rise. However, this does not mean that by connecting it to the receiver via a digital output, you'll be disappointed. Playing CDs turned out to be the acceptable level - the company is not afraid that the device will compete with its specialized CD-player.

Management. The settings menu is very comfortable, in addition, their design features, as pretty as the originality. Any "pitfalls" in the settings are not found, the installation is easy and intuitive. The remote control allows you to control the TV and even a little too big and overloaded keys.

Recommendations. Player Marantz DV4610 shows well sounds great, looks impressive, is inexpensive and has a solid construction. Included with the high-quality TV with the component input - definitely a worthy choice, and lack of support for SACD and DVD-Audio at this price is hardly a disadvantage.

Marantz DV4610 DVD-player photo