PMC FB1+ Floor standing speakers

These two-way loudspeakers, which have collected a solid number of awards for several years, are well suited for both studio and home use. They are distinguished by high sensitivity and wide range. The bodies are slim, finished with natural veneer and thoroughly dig into floor with spikes, screwed into a rounded support. Transmission Line outlet at the bottom of the front panel is damped with the material, which is like coarse-meshed foam. In a standard set FB1+ are delivered without magnetic shielding, but it is among the options. Also for extra charge you can turn the loudspeakers into active, adding them with amplification module - Bryston PowerPac TM 60.

Usually the engineers of PMC prefer mid-woofers from Dynaudio, but in FB1+ there is the driver with sound coil of standard diameter and lightweight diffuser, covered with anti-resonance composition. The "+" sign in the model's name appeared relatively recently - after when PMC gave preference to the advanced soft dome tweeters.

By linearity, clarity and naturalness of playback of the upper range PMC FB1+ has few competitors.

The coordination of the upper range with the middle should be recognized to be exemplary too. In this area, where the hearing is most sensitive to any kinds of distortion, FB1+ sound in details and without coloring. The same is shown by expressively divided sound stage, as if arranged in the coordinates. Mid-woofer plays its band with the temperament of true virtuoso. Tonal balance is maintained with the accuracy, being typical for studio system. Sounds, arising in the space between two loudspeakers, are endowed with form, correct volume and energy. Many voices are precise and perfectly articulated. But the most striking thing is that this diffuser, which so freely and frankly transfers any voices, at the same time, prints a very weighty bass! For two-way system PMC FB1+ has just a fantastic range and slightly lose to competitors only in absolute dynamics.

I analyzed the lower case with a special attention. The matter is that all loudspeakers with acoustic design of "labyrinth" type are able to give quite smooth and deep bass without phase problems, but, as a rule, give rather little, but unpleasant surprise - they blend in the original bass the characteristic side-tone of the body. Basses of FB1+, expectedly, are liner and quite dynamical (except, maybe, the attack of drums is transferred with less fervor than it should). On this the advantages are not finished: bass overhangs are controlled. If this is the reason why FB1+ were called by experts the most successful and universal system of PMC, I can only agree with them.

PMC FB1+ Floor standing speakers photo