Revox Re sound L 120 Floor standing speakers

Loudspeakers Re:sound L120 are the product of joint efforts by Swiss engineers and acousticians Revox and renowned design group Team By Wellis, generating an expensive and exclusive furniture. Construction as such is quite traditional, but it is available in its original finish, genuine leather (more than a dozen colors), and to us all model arrived in the exotic performance Swiss Edition - covered with a true skin young Swiss bulls. Frankly, such a bold decision for a lot of years of testing speakers I never encountered.

Three-way system, and for low frequencies allocated to a pair of identical drivers. Heads with diffusers 155-millimeter caliber bass reflex loaded onto port with low noise profile, not giving overtones even at high volume. But to work at higher frequencies authors chose upscale head Scan-Speak with the membrane of impregnated fabric. Thanks to a powerful magnetic system and specific method for damping the membrane its real range is extended to 40 kHz, for "soft" tweeters is just incredible figure.

Extravagant speakers Revox Re:sound L 120 to fully disclose their sonic potential only with high-end appliances, and this must be taken into account. In our case, they are pleased with enviable wide frequency range and convincing macrodynamics allows the system to adequately reproduce even difficult classical soundtrack. Tonal balance seemed surprisingly neutral. It should be noted clearly traced the middle and very comfortable sounding tweeter. This tweeter combines superb detail and resolution with a complete lack of sharp bursts, characteristic, for example, for many heads with metal membranes. Including options thanks to this soundstage here at a very decent level. Space truly three-dimensional and tangible images.

Revox Re sound L 120 Floor standing speakers photo