Tuner Marantz ST-57

Perfectly and richly issued tuner Marantz ST-57 with a big convex transparent slip on the forward panel, with buttons and inscriptions "under gold" and on wide, round and too gilded legs. On the display bright and large seven-segment signs with bluish outflow display number of a cell of memory, range and control frequency. Office small inscriptions inform on a control mode, stereoreception and the moment of exact control. The tuner works at VHF, and also in the ranges of averages and long waves. There is a mode of manual control by steps on 1 kHz on long waves, 9 kHz on middke and 25 kHz on FM. In an automatic mode run of frequency stops at control for radio station frequency, but it is possible to stop it and manually repeated pressing of a key of control. In this regard control of the tuner very conveniently. Gilded buttons пресетов are much less convenient as very small and are pressed hardly. The tuner only is completed with the frame long and mediumwave antenna, and on FM it is necessary to connect a piece of a wire as the room antenna. We recommend to choose its length about 72 or 215 cm that the antenna appeared in a resonance on FM range. Sensitivity of the tuner high also allows to manage the room antenna, but for high-quality reception it is better to use external, however, these recommendations are right for any tuner.

Functional equipment of the tuner Marantz ST-57 is insignificant, there is only an indicator of exact control in the form of an inscription lighting up on the display yes the RDS system decoder. Actually to the last even in the instruction it is paid much attention. The tuner at once after control reproduces the radio station name and if she transfers so-called "radio text", and it too on the display. The radio text will be transferred in a digital form a letter behind a letter at the same time with the broadcasting program and is reproduced on the display a running line. It can contain a program schedule, advertizing and many other things. The tuner has also one more opportunity interesting to the radio listener: most to entitle any radio stations as to it will like. At measurement of parameters of the tuner high selectivity of a FM path on mirror pleased and to collateral channels of reception, on the neighboring canal it is slightly lower. Not too high it appeared and the relation signal/noise, however, we as always measured it without weighing filter which cuts unheard an ear noise components. With the similar filter the relation signal/noise would be much higher (in specifications 80 dB is declared). Parameters of the AM-path of the receiver (long and middle waves) it is traditional for tuners low - selectivity is absolutely insufficient. Reception on the enclosed frame antenna was still tolerable though at very powerful stations a little background was listened, and the tuner transfers the external antenna badly - noise and hindrances strongly increase. Quite good in the AM-ranges there was a relation signal/noise. It is measured at level of an entrance signal about 1 mV. That to realize it in practice, it is necessary to find such station which is rather strong to kill all the others (which and climb on collateral channels of reception), but it is insufficiently powerful to overload the receiver However to make it very not easy, and the ordinary listener will be engaged in it hardly. A little more on a sound: it is very quite good as in AM, and especially in the FM range, and on taste of the undemanding listener would seem Excellent, but all of us saw slightly noticeable defects in the form of foreign additional sounds. Considering also already mentioned background, the assessment for a sound turned out only good.

Marantz ST-57 Tuner photo