DLS R55 Floor standing speakers

For a long time the products of the Swedish DLS have been associated exclusively with car audio, but since 2004 the company has discovered a new direction - home audio. At the same time, many years of experience allowed the company to keep quite affordable prices.

DLS R55 are classically shaped slim towers with 2.5 bands (first and second order filters are used) in a bass reflex design with a port directed backwards. Bodies are massive, indirectly indicating good internal damping. The drivers are 28-mm silk dome tweeter and a pair of 5-inch mid/low drivers with non-compressed cellulose diffusers. Such material made it possible to impart an extraordinary lightness to a moving system and reduce overtones arising due to excessive inertia. The terminals are gold-plated and allow two-wire connection. I also liked the mount of grill - you can simply hang it over to the back panel, ensuring safety at the time of listening.

Listening immediately showed an unusually high sound potential of these systems. The first thing that strikes you is the incredible resolution in the mid-high frequency range. It seems that not a single detail will escape their close attention. Moreover, this is achieved not due to the underlining of various artifacts, but because of the intelligently used capabilities of the drivers. The middle is free and very dynamic, the emotional content of the music is fully transmitted. The timbres are luxurious, the female and male vocals sound with the utmost naturalness and smooth penetration.

The low-frequency register does not stand out by excessive depth, but it is still enough to fully transmit most musical instruments in this spectrum. The resonance of the body is not noticeable even at very high volume. Bass does not have a high "rate of fire", it slightly brings some non-linearity in the range of 90 - 180 Hz. Dynamic indicators are also average. However, these features do not interfere with the comfortable perception of our test records.

We should note not very high feedback of DLS R55, also it won't become a champion in sound pressure. However, it is able to pretty sound a medium-sized room.

DLS R55 Floor standing speakers photo