CD-player Pioneer PD-203

When listening to the test cd revealed that there are so-called "blind" region. Recent frequency did not differ clean sound, but the mids sounded good.

Player Pioneer PD-203, however, got me interested in their appearance, as well as a very decent equipment. The device has a detachable indicator dark color. The player provides a synchronized connection to a tape deck, and the mode of Edit. Headphone output with gold plated connector with adjustable. Each student will be pleasantly surprised availability mode Hi-Litc, which provided a ten play the beginning of each record segment. Digital output is missing. Availability of digital output would be superfluous, since the tested model has a good mechanical part.

Download CD performed silently. Slight noise is heard when searching fragments record. The player appearance typical for the company Pioneer.

If you believe that the remote control is a necessity for you, you can purchase a model PD-103, in which all other parameters are completely consistent with this model.

Pioneer PD-203 CD-player photo