Tuner NAD 402

For a relatively strictly looking front panel NAD 402 hides electronics with parameters that exceed the average level. Perhaps that is why, this tuner has won several tests conducted by famous foreign magazines. The tuner can receive radio stations on FM and MW. In each of these two ranges can be written into the memory 12 radio frequencies.

Besides being able to tune in to radio stations in the FM range 25 kHz increments and, of course, manual and automatic modes in this frequency range offers listeners modes, several unusual for this price category devices: Blend and Lock. The input block is equipped with circuitry that when receiving powerful radio stations automatically reduces the sensitivity, which improves immunity and simultaneously reduces the risk of distortion of sound-powered radios.

The measurements showed a balanced frequency response with satisfactory suppression of ultrasonic components of a stereo signal. Sensitivity, selectivity and suppression of unwanted reception of radio stations allow you to compare this model with the apparatus of the highest average category.

Tuner NAD 402 has a dynamic and balanced sound with very good localization and spaciousness.

NAD 402 Tuner photo