Tuner Rotel RT-09

Rotel RT-09 is based on the DAC from Wolfson, working with signal up to 24 bit/192kHz and actually combines the functions of a traditional tuner, digital tuner, an external DAC and network player. And the network functions are implemented through a dedicated connector USB. To connect the wired network adapter is used USB-Ethernet, and Wireless - Wi-Fi-adapter, which is especially nice, too, comes with the device. It does not need to buy for the extra money, just take out of the box, connect to the correct connector and within 30 seconds RT-09 is ready to join any available Wi-Fi-network. With this in modern media players are usually the most difficult, but there was no problem, apart from having to enter a password, fingering alphabet using jog Deil. However, the course of the handle is pleasant interface, despite the modest size of the screen is very intuitive, so it took me about three minutes on the strength of the fact that configure Wi-Fi, and then turn on the radio and find the Linn Classic. Repertoire they somewhat limited - it's still a radio single label, but the quality of records and transfer, perhaps the best known of all my internet radio stations.

From the very first bars Rotel struck his abilities. The sound is very large-scale, full-weight, beautiful, I'd say "well groomed". In fact it is known signs records Linn, and our test easily demonstrated all of them. If you recall the recent test network players, to get this machine just did not, I would say that playing internet radio eluded him better than anyone. Even stations with low bit-rate sound acceptable, and the few that produce a stream of 320 kbit/s, are fascinating. Same story with MP3 files recorded on a USB-stick or reproducible network. They sound very convincing. But when you pass the playback of uncompressed content to display some roughness. Rotel can play a sufficient number of file formats - from FLAC to OGG vorbis (including records with high bit depth and sampling rate) and is good enough to show the obvious difference in sound quality, but I have my suspicions that the analog capabilities of the machine just does not enough to adequately play high-definition content. With the increase in detail in the sound appears excessive sharpness. Not to say that this was a problem, but in the MP3 320 kbit/s can listen without interrupting, although sound and simpler, better listening material a few tires.

Meanwhile, if you use the Rotel RT-09 to work with less demanding content, listen to FM- radio and the Internet, or as an external DAC (it has coaxial and optical inputs) for processing an audio signal from a satellite receiver or TV, the increase in sound quality will radical. If this your digital libraries contain mostly music in compressed form, this device to set and abilities today - one of the best deals on the market.

Rotel RT-09 Tuner photo