Cambridge Audio Azur 651C CD-player

To beat the success of the predecessor, 650C, is not an easy task, but Cambridge Audio engineers are confident that the new Azur 651C can do it. External differences are minimum between the models -player is offered in the same recognizable corporate style.

Meanwhile, the changes primarily were made in the digital part of the device. Now the newest Wolfson WM8742 chip (one per channel) with integrated digital filter is responsible for data conversion. Also it has switchable filtering modes (three in total), the impact on sound of which we will surely check. The problem of jitter is elegantly solved. In addition to the high-precision clock generator, data buffering is used, which allows you to achieve maximal sound quality.

Cambridge Audio Azur 651C player has decent dynamic qualities and, most importantly, developed micro-dynamics. Therefore, to complain about the lack of detail is not necessary at all. I must say that the switching of the filter modes does not affect the sound dramatically. In any case, it is energetic and cheerful. The middle band looks thoroughly elaborated by timbres, but in terms of tones it is not completely neutral. Such a nuance does not spoil the general positive impression, because the main thing is that it is full of life and emotions. The sound stage is built with precisely sustained scale and visible separation in depth. Imaginary sources are carefully focused in space and have the right dimensions.

Cambridge Audio Azur 651C CD-player photo