Arcam FMJ CD17 CD-player

CD-player Arcam CD17 is assembled on a massive metal chassis, combining aluminum and steel elements - this solution is most effective in terms of vibration isolation. For additional shielding of the most critical circuits, the player's body is covered with a special matte paint (the proprietary Stealth Mat technology). The player is equipped with a transport mechanism optimized for work with CD, controlled by a proprietary servo system. Digital-to-analog conversion is entrusted to the well-known WM8741 chip, manufactured by Wolfson Microelectronics, and you should note that in order to increase the accuracy of conversion a separate DAC is installed for each channel. The player is equipped with two pairs of line outputs. The second one is adjustable and is designed for direct connection to a power amplifier.

The player's sound differs by several important features. First of all, an accurate tonal balance somewhere between the audible coloring and excessive analyticity is worth noting. The middle is very clear and excellently worked out in tones (we especially praise the highest detailing of this spectrum). The transition to the upper register is characterized by the preservation of sound resolution. Discants are precisely drawn, they are surrounded by a mass of air and even the smallest details of the sound atmosphere are not missing. Low-frequency band sometimes seems to be endless and, in addition, the basses are punchy and clearly structured. Arcam CD17 skillfully arranges the sound scene. Geometrically virtual space is almost flawless (although, the scale is still slightly reduced), imaginary images do not overlap each other even on phonograms with complex polyphony.

Arcam FMJ CD17 CD-player photo