Audiolab 8200CDQ CD-player

Externally the model is completely identical to the "pure" 8200CD player, but at the same time offers the user a much broader functionality. Audiolab 8200CDQ combines a section of a CD player, a high-end DAC and a pre-amplifier with several analog inputs. A precise drive with a smooth motion of the loader, optimized for working with audio data, is used for reading CDs. Then, the digital information is subjected to multiple up-sampling and goes to the modern high-speed 32-bit ESS 9018 converters, which are characterized by an amazingly wide dynamic range. To correct the sound you can choose the type of digital filtering (seven options), which slightly change the nature of the playback. The built-in DAC is equipped with five input terminals, including an asynchronous USB interface supporting signals up to 24/96. For the convenience of joint use of 8200CDQ with the computer you can fully control the file players (HID emulation) from the device's console, including switching tracks. The pre-section has three linear RCA inputs for connection of audio sources and can work in both digital and analog amplification modes.

The sound character of Audiolab 8200CDQ strongly reminds 8200CD, that is, generally, not surprising, considering the identical element base. Therefore, we will zero in on the work of the preamplifier part in both analog and digital modes. In digital mode the sound is characterized by maximum transparency with the highest detailing and sound resolution. The sound is strict and tonally very smooth, but refined. It is hard to find fault from the technical side. The scene is perfect, deep, with precise instrument positions and adequate in width. When you switch to analogue mode, the overhangs become more extended and the playback itself acquires some kind of splendor. A little more elation is added to the MIDs. Transfer of voices becomes more convex and the middle - more melodious. Articulation is simply amazing. The space is denser, the images are filled and become weightier and the panorama slightly widens to depth. It is a matter of taste what you will prefer in the end.

Audiolab 8200CDQ CD-player photo