Paradigm 3se Mk3 Bookshelf speakers

Canada again: the Paradigm 3se Mk3 is a two-way speaker system with a reflex port output on the rear panel. The first eye-catching difference between the Paradigm and the other participants of our contest is the color: light ochre in wood (you can also choose the speakers in fashionable black if you wish). The decorative grilles are still black, but the front panel without grilles is silver color with a semi-transparent 18 cm diaphragm of polymer material woofer standing out against this background. Recommended power of the amplifier channel is 15 - 150 watts. Frequency response pleases the eye and the ear with spectacular low end. Here the boundary of the frequency range can be defined by 20 Hz, plus a wonderful combination of flatness with monotony in this area. However, the size of the speaker to this oblige: 242x300x510 mm (volume of 35 liters). Good medium and high frequencies - the unevenness is not more than ± 3 dB. With such a "setup" it would be desirable that the upper limit of the range flew beyond the coordinate grid. Some fading of the response measured at angles of 45 and 90 to the acoustic axis of the speaker, after 10 kHz may slightly limit the zone of stable stereo effect - the system seems to be slightly "redirected". The sensitivity of the speakers varies from 89 dB at low and medium frequencies to 85 dB at high frequencies. Judging by the characteristic of the input impedance module, the partition frequency between the speakers is 1 kHz, the nominal impedance is 8 ohms, the minimum is 4 ohms.

Paradigm 3se Mk3 Bookshelf speakers photo