CD-player Densen B-410

As a basis for new items were taken to the players B-400+ and B-400XS, previously occupied in the lineup Densen initial position. According to the developers, B-410 came out better and cheaper than its predecessors. He got a new drive controller, a new interface and display control program to be fully compatible with amplifiers B-110, B-150 and B-250. Used to transport the player (computer drive) is exposed at the factory Densen special modifications and supplemented by a system of synchronization with the primary digital path. 24 -bit DACs are mounted inside the player in a separate shielded box and prevent crosstalk on the output analog stage, which is adopted in Densen, operates in class A and devoid of feedback loops. In the future, changing the block, you can proapgredytit your machine to the quality level of the older models range B-4XX.

As with all machinery Densen, B-410 needs a longer "warm-up" than other brands of players. Perhaps it has something to do with the custom-made capacitors in the power system, which requires time for molding, or the output circuit without feedback, especially sensitive to nutrition and responsive to the slightest deviation. Anyway, it's a fact: new, taken out of the box the unit does not play perfectly - it just produces some sounds that somehow add up to some sort of stereo scenes. But after twenty or thirty hours, you simply do not know.

B-410 has a luxurious dynamics and microdynamics. All musical details transmitted with extraordinary detail and contrasts - with outstanding legibility. For soundstage unit can also be easily put five points - not the slightest deviation of any geometry, any separation or in focus. Although it is important to make a reservation - provided that use quality interconnects. In our test, it Densen player most strongly reacted to switch from cable Accuphase reference to Real Cable. In the latter case, a space barely floated, was delayed and lost in stability, although other players such anomalies have been encountered.

Player masterfully conveys all that concentrated on the edges of the range. High very natural and lifelike bass is full of energy, full of accurate and harmonically. However, in the middle lane seemed to us that the B-410 has a slight tint, quite special properties. For example, the vocals are transmitted with some venting artistry, as if to parody intonations. Note this feature, but the downside will not be considered - certainly our test machine was warmed up enough yet.

Densen B-410 CD-player photo