Cambridge Audio Azur 340A Amplifier

The Cambridge Audio Azur 340A is a relatively recent model. It came out after the 540A and 640A amplifiers, which were instantly attributed to the new wave of Hi-Fi. Of course, in comparison with them, the 340A is noticeably simplified. But in what way has it been simplified? The case is the same - elegant and at the same time very strong construction of steel and aluminum sheets. And the functionality has not changed - there is a tone box with bypass button, and a selector for six inputs (Phono is not provided), and the ability to connect two pairs of speakers. Inside you will see the same solid toroidal transformer as in the older models. The main economy was achieved by eliminating the CAP5 microprocessor protection system. At the same time it did not interfere with the sound path, and therefore did not affect the quality of playback. The 340A features conventional overload, overheat and DC output protection.

The Cambridge Audio Azur 340A is characterized by a bright, optimistic sound. The upper band is very rich in detail and features a precise microdynamic pattern. In the midrange there is nothing special - the 340A plays music pedantically, but without any inspiration. Some suspicion was caused only by the bass. This range is transmitted vividly only due to the good speed qualities of the amplifier. The attack is generally one of the best. The soundstage is distinguished by the width of the panorama. The space goes far beyond the stereo base.

Cambridge Audio Azur 340A Amplifier photo