CD-changer Denon DCM-260

Listen to CD-changer Denon DCM-260 is easy and pleasant, nothing to distract the listener's attention, except that some programs noteworthy underline the high frequencies, which, however, will not significantly each system. Panorama slightly stretched, and the center of the stereo image a bit away, but some combinations of room acoustics and speaker, these features can also play a positive role. System AM NS (Advanced Multilevel Noise Shaping) in conjunction with the sigma-delta DAC provides expressive sound almost at the very low signal levels, but switching the least significant bit is still accompanied by the click, and when you play a track consisting of all zeros, the noise output is reduced significantly compared to the path containing the signal minimum level. Dubious way to achieve a good signal/noise ratio. As a result, in a quiet piano music, you can hear the overtones. Loudness of the signal, however, they must also be above the natural.

Programmability at Denon DCM-260 is quite modest - only 20 positions, each of which can contain a single track and entire disk. Change the program can not be, for this purpose will have to enter it entirely from scratch. Automatic programming for a predetermined length tape (or other media, such as a mini-disc) is missing, but if program mode press time, the display shows the playing time of the entire program, which is slightly easier task. The very process of programming is not as obvious as it should be - for sure need to read the technical description. But with remote access to almost all functions, including the work of the loading mechanism, and (via the optional key) Direct selection of the disc. There is just off the network, despite the existence of a regime Standby. Lack of Denon DCM-260 separate volume control for the headphones partially offset electronically adjustable line-out, available only with the remote control. During playback, press the open, the machine ejects the disk only four instead of five, thus allowing to change them without interrupting playback.

Denon DCM-260 CD-changer photo