Sherwood AX 7030R Amplifier

The amplifier Sherwood AX 7030R by both weight and power is the best of the best among the competitors. But if the attention is not always paid to weight, people, who find the output power to be the main parameter of an amplifier, will certainly appreciate 155W per channel at the load of 4 Ohm. But it is not the only advantage. There is a full set of options here: tone controls with the ability to disable, button input selector and the rotary record selector, Mute mode (completely turning off the sound) and Subsonic filter, which removes subsonic frequencies that is not only useful but necessary at the work with a turntable. By the way, Sherwood AX 7030R has the proof-reader of magnet heads of the players with both moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC). Loudness button, which is easy to be pushed, a bit loses on the front panel, but it is hardly turned off - it is recessed inside the panel too deeply. The abundance of buttons and controls doesn't almost leave free space on the faceplate. The volume of control functions from the remote control is up to the set of controls in the amplifier itself. In addition, there are: power off the acoustics, digital display, with the help of which you can select tuner stations, CD tracks or fragments from the tape recorder. The equalizer was foreseeingly added to the standard set of control objects. I must say, it turned out to be hard to use the remote control due to its increased functionality. There are two additional network sockets; inputs/outputs for the connection of external devices of sound processing on the back panel of Sherwood AX 7030R, but the terminals o the speaker systems attract the most attention. They are big and comfortable, have the windows, where the wire is inserted and fixed by guillotine clamp. It is not very convenient to connect banned now "bananas" and "spatulas" - just impossible, but the naked end of the wire is fixed great. Having lots of advantages, AX7030R has disadvantages. At its increased power it has an increased noise too. If doesn't interfere the playback of pop music, the experts still notice it at quiet passages of some classical records. Feeling a great power reserve behind, Sherwood AX 7030R tolerantly refers to quiet sounding, sometimes slightly compressing the space of stage with symphonic orchestra. When you increase volume the picture significantly changes. The location of instruments is clearly visible in the Marsh of Strauss and the fullness of sound helps to neutralize negative emotions quickly. The instrumental sound of Dinner at Woolfie"s (Toscho) and Two Ships (Miller Anderson) with their powerful low-frequency support cause only delight. Confidently pronouncing musical phrases of electro instruments, the amplifier reminds about itself by rich bass all the time, noting vicissitudes of rhythm changing.

Sherwood AX 7030R Amplifier photo