Cassette deck Denon DRM 740

In the cassette DRM-740 is implemented closed path, which form two capstan and drive for each node podkatushechnogo used two separate engine. The results were soon manifest itself in one of the lowest values of the coefficient of detonation test devices: the firm points to 0.1 %, and according to our measurements did not exceed 0.06 %! Displays real-time in minutes and seconds, but this tape has only the current time from the beginning of playback or recording. In the tape used manual installation system optimum bias when recording. And usually in the apparatus with such a system is necessary to make a lot of additional work to return the tape to the starting point. But DRM 740 by just pushing a button Rec Return - and tape in place. Additionally, you can rewind the tape to the desired point, noting his pre- counter value is "0000". As for auxiliary facilities during playback, then the tape has only searches for the previous and subsequent fragment. In DRM 740 comfortable recording level indicator 16 segments and an indication of levels from -40 dB to +10 dB. At this level of -2 dB to a maximum value indicated in increments of 2 dB and the level of 0 dB corresponds to the same input voltage value when approaching this value from above and below. Last demonstrated not all recorders in the test, while accurate, is always the same level setting is very important for proper operation of the noise reduction system.

Denon DRM 740 Cassette deck photo