Marantz MX 530 Mini stereo system

The design of the model Marantz MX 530 creates the impression of elegance: metalized plastic of the front panel is strict, narrow gleaming keys look emphatically subtly. The display has two gradations of brightness; you can even turn it off completely. It shows: a spectrum analyzer, equalizer with settings Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classic, User, designations of control keys and commands, text comments. The original protective grill in the speaker systems, made of acoustically transparent fabric, is providently made with a hole in front of the dome of the piezoelectric tweeter: no any obstacles to sound. Three-way speaker systems with two bass reflexes are intended for the nominal input power of 30W; stereo amplifier gives the same value per channel. The last-mentioned can be used for the work through linear input with LD/VCD players and video equipment; there is a digital control over the sound, including three-stage ascent of basses, a customizable to your taste three-band equalizer (User 1,2). Comparatively low power reserve of Marantz MX 530, to my mind, doesn't affect the sound quality at the listening in small rooms. CD-player is single, the playback from CD can be programmed, the repeat of one track or entire disc is possible, including random order (the combination Shuffle and Repeat All). You can do overwrite on the tapes of normal or chrome type with auto-select of CD tracks for the effective use of the tape, Edit CD mode at the same time will require to enter the cassette's length, for example C-90 or C-60. You can assign an independent setting of the tuner: most of our popular FM radio stations are memorized at the automatic scan of the range. The sound panorama of Marantz MX 530 at the playing of system's stereo sources is very good and detailed.

Marantz MX 530 Mini stereo system photo