NAD 514 CD-player

NAD is famous for its unusual product design and unusual design philosophy. However, the company is now less likely to adhere to the previously adopted principle, which was to provide high quality at the lowest price (especially this applies to price). However, the principle of a certain moderation of the concept continues to be respected. In addition to the "purist" tone, the NAD company uses in the devices techniques known more from the use in professional electroacoustics. In addition to the most common modes, the 514 has only two additional modes. One of these modes is A/B Repeat, and the other is the very rare CDR (Controlled Dynamic Range) mode. The values of the technical parameters, as it seemed to us, are given quite correctly. These values ?re not overwhelming, but they guarantee that everything recorded on the CD will be reproduced without the slightest loss. The sound was recognized as light, airy, moderate, with good spatiality. There was, however, the impression that the stereo base was somewhat narrowed.

NAD 514 CD-player photo