AV-receiver JVC RX-7032V

For impressive appearance RX-7032V hidden device with advanced features, numerous service functions and fulfilling the wiring diagram 7.1 (with two surround back channels). And that is encouraging, functional richness did not lead to a deterioration of ergonomics. Using the receiver does not cause any discomfort: the front panel handed down the basic controls, and under the lid we find the tuner buttons, input and surround mode, menu navigation settings is simple and clear, the display shows the full information about the current operating conditions.

But on the remote controller of the same can not be said. "Digital" button adjacent overloaded functions, the major would like to see a little more size, and the "cross" is not playing at the bottom and in the middle. But not only is the control to the receiver, but also to other components of the system, and different brands.

Important and convenient features in a RX-7032V in the asset as follows. Connecting an extra pair (not multi-channel, of course) speakers. Saving the parameters settings for each source. You can rename the inputs. Digital and analog inputs - five. A set of video inputs, too bad - three S-Video and composite (RGB is not provided at all). There is a multi-channel input and a custom filter for the subwoofer, the set of sub-mode Surround, five-band equalizer and a standard receiver for this class level settings for each channel and time delays.

The specifications for RX-7032V declared very high output power: 100 watts per channel. Of course, it was from him and we were waiting for the highest dynamic qualities, but he was surprised not just by them.

First, the digital inputs of the sound in the RX-7032V is slightly warmer and calmer than on analogue - for good or ill, judge for yourself, but it is often just the opposite happens. Secondly, RX-7032V is well pleased with the set sound stage. Two-channel playback is impressive depth and versatility. The sources are positioned and focused flawlessly. Good scene and surround mode. If the receiver is set up correctly, it seems that the sound space is inseparably. Sounds not "sit" in the columns and do not merge with each other. The scene would have been more realistic if the round instruments with high-frequency spectrum does not arise light trails, but it can not distinguish all devices, even for a few thousand dollars.

And now - an important caveat. All of the above is true, if not boost the volume. Although the RX-7032V and has an impressive dynamics (with sensitive speakers it can issue sound pressure close to a live orchestra), but if the volume is increased, there is a feeling that replaced the receiver. In the sound remains pure, but the bass is clearly out of control. The unit pulls out of phonograms many details, but as soon as the low-frequency components, the sound gets off to a pulp.

It is a pity of course, that a large volume receiver lacks accuracy and fidelity. But those who do not indulge in listening to the music programs at critical levels, this deficiency can never find out. For them, the RX-7032V will always be a device with excellent sound stage and neutral accurate sound.

Output power at 8 ohms (limited harmonic distortion 0.8 %) 6 x 100 watts. S/N ratio 87 dB. Amplified frequency range (with uneven +1/-3 dB) 20 - 100000 Hz. The resistance of 47 ohms line inputs. Sensitivity FM- tuner mode Mono/Stereo 3,2/32 uV ( 50 dB attenuation).

JVC RX-7032V AV-receiver photo