Panasonic SA-HE75E AV-receiver

The device can be easily confused with top-model in the line of Panasonic AV receivers: the front panel is differed by a narrow insert - the window of luminescent display with "mounting face" for control elements of main functions. The first Setup is performed from the front panel, but the input to this mode is so artfully camouflaged that you can't find it without the instruction. The installation procedure is organized perfectly - is made quickly and with high accuracy of setting (particularly, due to small step of the distance adjustment from a listener to speaker systems and to the possibility to change crossover frequency subwoofer/satellites). Help mode will instantly eliminate possible difficulties: the hint in the form of the ticker is displayed by pressing the corresponding button. The digital input can be assigned to any analog one, its priority is set by the led on the front panel. The commutation possibilities in comparison with the previous model are poorer (no control over S-video signal, less digital inputs). Other characteristics stayed on the same level. The remote control is almost the same: it is still able to control DVD player and Panasonic TV. The buttons are placed not very successfully: the cross for work in the menu of DVD player is under your thumb. Strict to acoustics receiver is good as a stereo amplifier, but it works better with 5.1 system "satellites/subwoofer".

Panasonic SA-HE75E AV-receiver photo