Sherwood R-863RT AV-receiver

The originality of the device is given by a very impressive overlay on the front panel, which combines a fluorescent display and buttons for selecting a signal source/decoding mode into the main working area. One floor below, under a semicircular notch, are the controls for other functions and the AV input with an optical digital signal jack. The rotary switch on the left selects the surround mode. Installation without connecting the receiver to the TV is impossible, meanwhile, the on-screen menus themselves are simple and intelligible. From them it is clear: although the device does not have THX-certification, the developers listened to its requirements. Sherwood has seven channels of amplification and a Cinema EQ mode designed to soften the sound of a soundtrack designed to be played in a large cinema hall. On the other hand, the delay adjustment step is equivalent to 30 cm, and this is by no means THX ... The remote control is large, with the center of gravity shifted forward and the volume control located not in the best place. It is programmable, can control seven additional sources, and in the absence of the required code, it is able to automatically find a combination to turn off the "non-standard" device by automatic selection. The receiver can also be controlled from another room by connecting an external IR receiver. In addition, the surround back amplifiers can be switched to sound the signal fed to any input, and the corresponding speakers can be placed in another room. Thus, "multi-room" functions are implemented. A smart decision!

Sherwood R-863RT AV-receiver photo