KEF XQ series

KEF XQ1 Bookshelf speakers review
KEF XQ1 Bookshelf speakers

The bodies of KEF XQ1 look like kegs. All the panels, except the front and rear, are convex. The front panel is milled from aluminum and has the bass-reflex port of complex form. Super tweeter with 19-mm titanium dome stands in the separate chromed body. Similar to it shining "bullets" from the bottom...
KEF XQ20 Speaker pair review
KEF XQ20 Speaker pair

Not so long ago totally updated line XQ takes close to masthead position in the range KEF, not too behind the model in every sense of the series Reference. In technical terms, the representatives of both model series have many similarities, and XQ explicitly taken into account the whole experience...
KEF XQ60 Subwoofer review
KEF XQ60 Subwoofer

Subwoofer is battling the spot even before listening - rarely in the design of one product can be found like the combination of fundamental and elegance. Luxury Oval Office is fully trimmed in black piano lacquer. As the only 12-inch dynamic head emits the floor, and as the acoustic design selected enclosed,...