ASW Genius 200 Bookshelf speakers

Genius 200 shelf speaker system is moderately designed, with usual but a bit elongate upward rectangular body. A metallic mirror panel on the front and back walls give a certain charm. It is pretty well hidden in extremely neat natural veneer finish, rounding radiators, located by D'Appolito scheme. Fragile, at the first glance, view of the speaker system is illusory, because the nominal power is 140 W.

Genius 2000 is made in the body of bass-reflex type. Both ports of the bass-reflex are put on the back wall. A 25-mm tweeter with the dome made of high-quality fabric takes the central position on the front wall. Above and below it there are two 130-mm MF/LF speakers with the diffusers made of woven carbon fiber and aluminum baskets. The best in usual conditions conductor was chosen as a material for connecting wires - silver. Four small terminals allow connecting the system by bi-wiring and bi-amping schemes.

Sound. The style of the German pair is characterized by elegance, finesse. The system prefers plasticity and elegancy to width, scope and scale. Genius 2000 has a relatively flat bass and due to this reason while the listening to music with significant low-frequency content (rock songs, recordings of grand symphonic orchestra, organ and so on) the sound slightly needs support. Sometimes boominess is heard in lower case - such feature doesn't spoil the impression at all. Midrange and high register are expressive and beautiful. The system saliently presents melodic elements of musical material, that's why the image becomes more eidetic. In the presentation of Genius 200 the compositions for small and medium performance groups (the ensembles, all chamber music, chamber orchestra, chorus) sound in the best way. Loudspeakers play classic music most advantageously - classics, acoustic jazz and so on. In this case the important advantage of the model appears: the ability to authentically broadcast musical timbres - vocal and instrumental.

ASW Genius 200 Bookshelf speakers photo